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We're here to support your financial wellbeing at every step of the journey - even the unexpected.

We understand that financial hardship can come at any time, anywhere.

It is often unpredictable, and can be the result of various life events, including;

  • Loss of income (including employment, contract or bonus changes)

  • Medical or health expenses

  • Relationship breakdown

  • Emergency household repair

  • Emergency family expense (including death or injury of a pet or loved one)

  • Emergency vehicle expense

  • Natural disaster

This can create strain on you and those around you, and often impact your mental health and wellbeing.

Our Financial Hardship Counsellors will explore the details of your current circumstances, and provide tailored support for your specific hardship situation.

If you have any queries around our loans or processes, please visit our FAQs page. For additional support and external resources around understanding debt, credit risks, hardship, and debt consolidation, please see our Support Resources page.

If you are a current customer with us, and you are experiencing financial hardship, please complete the form, or contact us via the details below.

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