Debt consolidation loans for everyone

At Salt & Lime, we make it our mission to help borrowers meet their financial needs every single day. We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality debt consolidation services.

In order to ensure that our debt consolidation loans are helpful rather than harmful, Salt & Lime maintains certain standards for loan eligibility that help borrowers escape an endless cycle of debt. No matter who you are, trust that our professionals have your best needs in mind.

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The many benefits of a debt consolidation loan

There are many reasons why Australian borrowers choose debt consolidation loans to reduce their monthly bills. Not only can it save more money in the long run, but short term loans lasting 5 years or less could help you reach debt-free goals faster than ever.

Here’s why consolidating debt might be the best answer to your current financial responsibilities.


  • Many debt consolidation loans reduce your overall interest and tax burdens, allowing you to save more money every month.

  • Loans with smaller term lengths (5 years or less) allow you to become debt-free in less time.

  • Debt consolidation loans from Salt & Lime allow you to receive rate discounts with the completion of financial wellness modules.


Applying for a debt consolidation loan with the pros at Salt & Lime could make an enormous financial difference for yourself and your family. And it all begins with understanding your eligibility for debt consolidation loans.

Your personal eligibility for debt consolidation loans

It’s good to consider your personal eligibility for debt consolidation loans before applying to a lender like Salt & Lime. Consolidation lending should be a net positive on your financial wellness and should allow you to take back control of your money and your life.

  • Would consolidating your loan provide you with lower interest rates? Fewer rates and fees are one of the biggest reasons why Australians consider debt consolidation loans.

  • Could you pay off your debt consolidation loan within 5 years or less? This question ensures that your next lending opportunity is a blessing rather than a burden to your personal finances.


If you meet the criteria listed above, you may be ready to consider the remainder of your debt consolidation loan eligibility.

Understanding your debt consolidation loan eligibility

Debt consolidation eligibility at Salt & Lime is designed to be accessible and informative. Australian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for a debt consolidation loan should they meet the following requirements.


  • Employment — Any Australian citizens with a pay as you go (PAYG) job or salaried position is welcome to submit an application. Length of employment is not necessarily a deciding factor in eligibility.

  • Age — You must be over the age of 18 to apply for a debt consolidation loan. Some proof of age, including a licence, may be required.

  • Credit history — Anyone is welcome to apply for a debt consolidation loan from Salt & Lime. Even if you have bad credit, you may still be eligible for a loan.

  • Recent bank statements — Our office staff will request some documentation related to your recent bank statements. Simply attach and submit your information along with your online application form.


Applying for a debt consolidation loan is fast and easy — simply submit all requested information to Salt & Lime’s online portal, then wait to hear back from our staff within one business day. We may request additional information at this time and will provide all the information necessary to take the next steps.

Check your loan eligibility with Salt & Lime

Great lending, great people, and great customer service — it’s the perfect combination of outcomes that Salt & Lime strives to uphold. Whether you’re looking to lower your monthly rates or take back control of your finances, our team of experts are ready to help. 


  • Our debt consolidation loans have absolutely no fees, making it easier to gauge your monthly payments.

  • Pay off your debt consolidation loan as quickly as possible, with zero penalties for early repayment.

  • Quarterly quizzes allow borrowers to reduce their rates up to four times per year and spend less while learning more. 


With Salt & Lime, loans with great rates and zero fees are right around the corner.

Get in touch with Salt & Lime today to inquire about your eligibility for debt consolidation loans. You can submit an online contact form to receive an answer to your debt consolidation questions as soon as possible.