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Earn Interest
Rate Discounts

At Salt & Lime, we believe that financial independence starts with a solid foundation of financial education. We are proud to be Australia’s first - and currently only - debt consolidation company offering interest rate discounts from financial wellbeing modules, providing opportunities for success and leadership all throughout the debt consolidation journey.


How to lower your interest rate with Salt & Lime


Salt & Lime provides ten unique financial education modules that are presented once every three months. The goal of these modules is to equip borrowers with the education they need to stay debt-free for good.


You can use these resources to set a working budget for your household, and then get all the details on protecting your finances and creating a safety net. Develop a plan for unexpected emergencies and set a foundation for success — all while earning loan discounts for your debt consolidation loan. It really is that simple!


Earn your interest discount in under 5 minutes


Financial wellbeing modules take a two-fold approach to growth — personal awareness and financial literacy. By regularly emailing inspiring, helpful, and valuable content, we help our borrowers combine discounts and education to conquer their loans right from the start. Take 0.5% off your interest rate within the first seven days!


Educational modules designed with financial wellbeing in minD


All financial wellness modules from Salt & Lime were designed to take our customers on a journey toward holistic financial wellness. As you begin the first few steps toward independence and financial confidence, our modules will come alongside you to inform, educate, and support.


  • The first modules will be deployed within the first few weeks of accepting a loan from Salt & Lime, providing information about your new loan responsibilities, the behavioural elements of debt, and things you could do right now to break free from the endless cycle.


  • As you become more confident in making regular payments and achieving greater financial freedom, modules will shift gears to offer some groundwork for the present.


  • The capstone project of your module coursework will culminate in the greatest test of all: saving for a major purchase. Equip yourself to buy a new house, a new car, or a treat item without ever needing another loan. 


Financial wellness modules from Salt & Lime will continue to support your financial journey even after you pay your debts with a consolidation loan, preparing you to live, work, and play totally debt-free.


How to lower interest rate on loan using Financial Wellbeing modules


Financial education doesn’t need to be difficult. Completing the financial wellbeing modules from Salt & Lime can be completed in just minutes from any device connected to the internet.


Our modules are sent via email to be as accessible and concise as possible. All you need to do is read through the blog content provided, then submit your details using a link at the bottom of the form. Our office will enter your details and verify readership before helping you unlock a 0.5% interest rate discount in the first week!


Contact Salt & Lime to earn more and pay less


Never pay a cent more than you need while on the road toward a debt-free lifestyle. Get approved on a loan of your choice and earn interest rate discounts in just five minutes or less.

Apply for a loan from Salt & Lime today to take advantage of major savings for your debt consolidation loans. Questions? Reach out to the team at 1300 702 202, or email us at We look forward to serving you well!



How can I lower my interest rate on my loan?


Salt & Lime allows borrowers to earn interest rate discounts by completing financial education modules. These 10 instalments will be emailed to your account on file once every three months. Take less than five minutes to read through and complete your assigned material, then watch your monthly payments drop lower and lower.


Everyone is eligible for financial wellness discounts from Salt & Lime. Simply apply online today to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind offer.


What are the modules about?


At Salt & Lime, we genuinely want to support our borrowers in reaching their debt-free goals. To that end, we provide 10 financial wellness modules designed to provide guidance and education about our borrower’s pressing personal finance questions:


  • Pressing loan details

  • Understanding credit scores

  • Saving and spending

  • Management strategies 


Combine textbook theory with practical application to reach total financial freedom.

When can I start earning interest rate discounts?


Salt & Lime borrowers have access to interest rate discounts within the first week! The first module will be sent in three days after settlement, followed by the second module on day seven. Completing both of these at the same time will allow you to shave 0.5% off your debt consolidation loan — saving hundreds of dollars over the life of the loan!


How can I lower my interest rate?


Earn interest rate discounts on your debt consolidation loan just by consuming content! Read through target blog posts and answer simple questions, then submit your details in the contact form to receive a discount within five business days.

More questions? No problem, please see our FAQs here​.

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