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At Salt & Lime, your financial wellbeing is our priority!

We're here to support your financial wellbeing journey and help Australians improve their financial wellbeing - sign up to our FREE Financial Wellbeing Hub to explore our education modules and learn more.

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In the 3 years leading up to the pandemic, 4.7 million Australians needed to rely on payday loans due to poor credit – and this trend continues to rise today.

In some cases, even if an individual has a small unresolved bill, this can mean they are unable to access credit from a bank or first-tier lender. This can drive them to a non-traditional lender, which may negatively impact their credit score, and affect their ability to borrow in future. Further, due to the perceived risk of these clients, the non-traditional lender can charge the maximum interest rates allowable.

These events can potentially begin a spiral of debt that the person now struggles to escape from.


To help these customers, we created a unique product: a socially responsible loan that has the customer’s best interests at heart, with the goal of supporting them on their journey out of debt.

To facilitate the journey, we focus on something no other lender does in Australia - incentivising customers to improve their financial wellbeing through education. Throughout the life of the loan we send customers educational modules to complete, where completion unlocks interest rate discounts on the their loans. Customers will pay their loan off faster, all the while improving their knowledge of money management techniques.

The module content evolves from early-stage budgeting, understanding the emotional impact of debt, and all the way to protecting finances and savings.

Your financial wellbeing is our priority.


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The benefits of debt consolidation loans 


If you’re wondering why you should choose a debt consolidation loan, you might not be aware of its many advantages. By consolidating your debts into one manageable loan repayment plan, you’ll have more control over your finances to work towards a debt-free future. Eliminate large interest rates and fluctuating payments, increase your credit score and better manage your financial responsibilities by consolidating your debts with Salt & Lime’s loans. 


Learn more and pay less with Salt & Lime


By choosing Salt & Lime’s loans, you are choosing the only Australian lender that focuses on incentivising customers to improve their financial wellbeing through education modules. If approved for a loan with Salt & Lime, you’re automatically eligible to earn interest rate discounts through our financial wellbeing modules


Throughout your loan, we’ll send you eight modules to complete every three months. With each module taking only five minutes to complete, you can learn about your loan details, credit score and financial management strategies while getting closer to your debt-free goal! 


If we’ve piqued your interest, you can read our blog to learn more about our helpful financial management strategies and earn interest rate discounts on our loans. Our mission is to support, educate, and empower everyday Australians to take control of their finances.


Checking your loan eligibility 


Before applying for your debt consolidation loan at Salt & Lime, we recommend checking your loan eligibility. Ask yourself, would consolidating your loan lower your interest rates? Could you pay off your debt consolidation loan within five years or less? Are you 18 or older and working a (PAYG) job or salaried position? If your answer to the above questions is yes, you might be eligible for a loan! 


Turn your loans into one manageable repayment with Salt & Lime today


If you’re eligible for a debt consolidation loan and unsure how to apply, simply use our online application form to enter any amount between $4000 to $20,000. You’ll hear back as quickly as one business day!


With 81% of our clients ahead on their repayments, it’s no wonder Salt & Lime is Australia's preferred lender. We pride ourselves on our ability to pull our clients out of stressful financial situations and guide them toward feeling empowered financially sooner rather than later. 

In continuing to innovate our product lines and refine our journey, we can fulfil our vision to deliver socially responsible lending to every Australian who needs it. It’s no wonder why Australians choose us as their lender. So what are you waiting for? Apply for a loan today and contact our expert team if you have any questions.

Your Loan, Your Way.

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