About us

Salt&Lime is the only lender in Australia that focuses on incentivising customers to improve their financial wellbeing through education.

Our mission is to support, educate, and empower everyday Australians to take control of their finances. In continuing to innovate our product lines and refine our journey, we can fulfil our vision to deliver socially responsible lending to every Australian who needs it.

Your Loan, Your Way.

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In the 3 years leading up to the pandemic, 4.7 million Australians needed to rely on payday loans due to poor credit – and this trend continues to rise today.

In some cases, even if an individual has a small unresolved bill, this can mean they are unable to access credit from a bank or first-tier lender. This can drive them to a non-traditional lender, which may negatively impact their credit score, and affect their ability to borrow in future. Further, due to the perceived risk of these clients, the non-traditional lender can charge the maximum interest rates allowable.

These events can potentially begin a spiral of debt that the person now struggles to escape from.


To help these customers, we created a unique product: a socially responsible loan that has the customer’s best interests at heart, with the goal of supporting them on their journey out of debt.

To facilitate the journey, we focus on something no other lender does in Australia - incentivising customers to improve their financial wellbeing through education. Throughout the life of the loan we send customers educational modules to complete, where completion unlocks interest rate discounts on the their loans. Customers will pay their loan off faster, all the while improving their knowledge of money management techniques.

The module content evolves from early-stage budgeting, understanding the emotional impact of debt, and all the way to protecting finances and savings.

Your financial wellbeing is our priority.