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Our Team

We're more than just finance professionals; we're a community dedicated to positive impact and ethical practices.


From team-building activities to community service projects, we're always finding ways to grow together and give back.


pinot and picasso

The Salt & Lime team unleashed their creative side at Pinnot & Picasso! This outing provided a delightful break from work, filled with laughter, endless photo ops, playful banter, and an overall fantastic time. It was a perfect way to relax and enjoy each other's company.


Financial EVENT sponsorship

Salt&Lime is excited to announce that we supported and sponsored a CHARITY event in collaboration with Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation! This event aims to add value to our goal and raise funds to educate everyday Australians.



The Salt & Lime team have been spotted celebrating WORLD FOOD DAY! Our team celebrated the diversity by bringing in dishes that resonated most to their nationality.

Popular Dishes included:

  • Brazilian Cheese Balls 

  • Chicken Tikka

  • Chinese Dumplings 

  • Thai Green Curry



Salt & Lime women attended the Women in Finance networking lunch. This was an exciting moment to see and meet so many inspirational and hard-working women in finance trying to make a difference. 

Image (3).jpg

Women in finance SUMMIT 

Salt & Lime crew were attended the annual Women in Finance Summit at the Star. This was super exciting as it was amazing to see so many inspirational women in the industry we enjoy working for so much! 

Image (4).jpg

Christmas cheer at s&l 

What better way to end the year and celebrate our success through a boat party!  Good Food, Drinks and Dancing was just a snippet of our night! It was amazing to see our employees take on the festive season with so much excitement! 

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