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as seen on the today show

Alexa Young, CA

Salt & Lime CEO and Co-Founder, Will Kiln, hit national news on the Today Show discussing our latest research which shows that 25% of Aussie parents are too embarrassed to talk to their kids about finances.

One in four Aussie parents too embarrassed to teach kids about managing money. 

One in four Aussie parents too embarrass
20 May 2024

MEDIA RELEASE: 25% of Aussie parents avoid teaching their kids about managing their money due to their own lack of knowledge.

Surprisingly, our research shows less than half say they are very confident they can do the job. So, who should teach kids about money?

Most Aussies unaware of what can damage their credit scores 

shutterstock_2292142079 (1)_edited_edite
20 September 2023

MEDIA RELEASE: 65% of Aussies don’t know what their credit score is and most of those people (64%) don’t know at least one factor that can damage the score.


Shockingly, our research shows that 1 in 4 Aussies have been knocked back for a loan by their banks.

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