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We made it to Channel 9 where our CEO- William Kiln tells Australia about our socially responsible lending and education platform!



Check out the video below!

Channel 9 

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 Most Aussies unaware of what can damage their credit scores

​Being in the dark about what damages your credit score is common within Aussies. Our latest survey reveals a strong gap in financial literacy among Australians, highlighting misconceptions that could be jeopardizing your financial health.


From unexpected factors that damage your credit score to myths that need debunking, we're shedding light on the truths that matter.


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How common is
financial education? 

Our recent groundbreaking survey unveils the varying levels of financial awareness across different generations in Australia, and the surprising ways it impacts financial wellbeing. From baby boomers to Gen Z, the results are in, and they're surprising!  Click the button below to dive into the full survey results and discover where you stand amidst Australia's financial landscape.


Empower yourself with knowledge and take the first step towards enhancing your financial wellbeing today.

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